GroCheck Combo Meter
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The GroCheck Combo Meter uses professional-grade sensors to test pH and TDS in one simple-to-use unit. The Combo Meter displays results clearly so users can check their readings quickly while the meter's durable waterproof casing ensures longevity. The meter ranges are pH from 0-14 and TDS from 0-1990 ppm. pH readings have an accuracy of ±0.2 and TDS has an accuracy of ±2%. The calibration is manual for pH at one or two points and manual for TDS at one point. The adjustable set-points for the meter are 3.0-7.0 for pH and 500-1600 ppm for TDS. The GroCheck Combo Meter comes with replaceable probes, a 12V adapter with a 6.6' power cord, a grounding bar that helps probes last longer and gives more accurate pH readings, calibration solution, a calibration screwdriver and instructions. The meter carries a two-year warranty, and the probes each carry a six-month warranty.
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GroCheck Combo Meter

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