Mini pH Controller Kit
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For gardeners who need to read and control the pH level of their nutrient solution but don't have a lot of space, the Mini pH Controller Kit is the perfect option. Combining the Panel Mounted Mini pH Controller, a 120V A/C power supply, a 0.4 GPH Dosing Pump, and a compatible pH electrode with a standard BNC connection, it contains everything needed to regulate pH in an indoor garden. The controller's LCD display makes getting readings easy, and an LED light makes status checks a breeze. It features automatic or manual dosing options, a 0-14.0 pH testing and set point range, and +/-0.1 accuracy, it includes mounting brackets, a transparent cover and instructions, and features a two-year warranty. The 0.4 GPH Dosing Pump is a positive displacement solenoid driven pump that uses a minimum number of moving parts for maximum durability. Its positive displacement design ensures that each stroke is identical to the stroke before and after it, keeping the flow rate consistent. Includes discharge and suction valves. The pump is protected by manufacturer's warranty for one year, while the electrode is protected for six months.
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Mini pH Controller Kit

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