Gardening Indoor is the first to bring you this Nanolux Digital Flip Ballast
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  • Gardening Indoor is the first to bring you one of the best digital ballasts on the market for your indoor garden.
  • The First Electronic ballast on the market to feature a built-in flip relay. The relay lets the ballast power two lamps off one power source, eliminating the need for a separate flip relay and making your garden safer and more affordable. 9 Sided aluminum shell on this ballast not only looks good, but also lets it dissipate heat better than any other ballast on the market. Light weighing in at just above 6 lbs. High frequency scan system monitors the ballast to reduce circuit overload and any power spikes and helps extends the life of your bulbs. This ballast is also dimmable it can run at 50%, 75% of full power. That's all done by a push button on the top of the unit, it features a graudal dim that eases your bulb into the lower or higher wattage. This eliminates any bulb flicker that you would normally see in other dimmable ballasts which can really impact the life of a bulb. Each of the nanolux flip ballasts can be daisy chained in sequence with another, this allows all of your flips to be controlled by the same timer. No need to worry about overloading the system either these ballasts include what is known as a soft start solution, this gives each ballast a 15 second window to ignite the bulb and ensure that enough power is flowing to the ballast before it lights, allowing for a lower initial power draw draw when you are using multiple ballasts on a larger indoor garden
  • The ballast also has a LED status indicator This feature is built right into the nanolux logo, under normal operation the "U" will remain a constant green. Blinking light shows up when there is some kind of problem, The light will blink at a specific rate for the different problems that could occur which would allow you to easily diagnose the issue and get your garden up and running again

  • Item #: NanoFlip1000

Nanolux 1000w Flip Ballast

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