Primo 2 TDS Tester w/ Automatic Temp Compensation
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Customers who want to ensure the purity of the water produced by their RO water filtration system will enjoy the ease-of-use afforded them by the Primo 2 TDS Tester with Automatic Temperature Compensation. This microprocessor-powered instrument provides Total Dissolved Solids readings that are accurate enough to meet the exacting standards of water quality professionals, and its big LCD screen, automatic temperature compensation and single-button functionality make obtaining and reading the results a snap. It also powers down automatically when it goes unused for five minutes, and includes batteries and instructions. 7.1Ó x 2Ó x 1Ó unit measures TDS from 0 to 1999 ppm with 0.0 to 60.0oC resolution; accuracy ±2% F.S.; ±0.5oC.
  • Item #: PRI520

Primo 2 TDS Tester w/ Automatic Temp Compensation

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