Sunmaster Full Nova 6000k 1000 Watt
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Sunmaster Full Nova 6000k 1000 Watt

Designed for optimal performance on electronic ballasts

Full Spectrum - Closest to Sunlight

One lamp does a complete job

Balanced spectral output


Long life


 SUNMASTER Full Nova Grow Lamps emit full spectrum light around 6000° Kelvin, imitating the natural look of daylight. The most full-rounded spectrum output lamp.

SUNMASTER Full Nova Metal Halide Lamps is the best in one lamp: the most objective measurement of total light energy available for photosynthesis.

Available in 400 watt, 600 watt or 1,000 watt versions.

SUNMASTER Full Nova 6000K Lamps set new standards in general plant lighting, promoting high levels of photosynthesis without compromise.

  • Item #: SMFN1000

Sunmaster Full Nova 6000k 1000 Watt

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