pH-EC-TDS Meter w/ Temp Monitor
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Manufactured by Hanna Instruments, the pH-EC-TDS Meter with Temperature Monitor combines functionality and convenience in one unit. An internal microprocessor delivers constant readings with a high degree of accuracy, delivering the information via an easily read backlit LCD screen. It performs automatic calibration and temperature compensation upon startup, and allows gardeners to customize the EC/TDS conversion factor and temperature coefficient to their particular applications. This monitor includes an extremely high-quality and sturdy probe, and an electrode designed to withstand extreme testing conditions. Reads EC from 0-3999 µS/cm ±2%; TDS from 0-2000 ppm; pH 0-14 ±0.1; temperature 0-60°C ±.5°C or 32.0 to 122.0°F ±1°F. Monitor protected by two-year manufacturer’s warranty, electrode and probe protected for six months.
  • Item #: PETTM500

pH-EC-TDS Meter w/ Temp Monitor

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