pH-TDS-Temperature Monitor
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Hanna Instruments' pH & TDS Meter with Temperature Monitor features three dedicated backlit LCD screens, one for each parameter, so gardeners don't have to switch back and forth for accurate readings. Each screen displays large, bright numbers for easy reading even in low-light conditions. This monitor includes Hanna's gel-filled pH electrode and a waterproof sheath to protect the BNC connector, a low-maintenance TDS probe, temperature probe, TDS sachet, two cleaning solution sachets, screwdriver, and 12V power supply. Reads pH from 0-14 ± 0.2 pH, TDS from 0-1990 ± 2% F.S., and temperature from -10-60°C ± 0.3°C or -14-140°F ± 0.5°F. Monitor protected by two-year manufacturer's warranty. Electrode and probes protected for one year.
  • Item #: PTTM500

pH-TDS-Temperature Monitor

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